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Some Things About Us

We have been involved in organising and managing tours to all the destinations in Malaysia and also in Thailand. We have also organised many Company events for team building and tours for the staffs. We have been involved in this field for the past 14 years. With our experience and frequency of having tours we always obtain the best prices from hotels for our participants to stay. Since we are also travelling with the group we are always there with our participants to ensure they dont have any problems during the travel.


I was involved in one of their group travel to Hatyai, Thailand and it was really a trip to be remmembered.
Barbara J. Pennebaker
I would definitely recommend them to any one as they are really capable of handling all our requests.

What We Do


  • Graphic Design

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  • Web Design

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Skill Description

Organising Experience: 100%


Hotel Networks: 100%


Tour Locations: 100%


Local Knowledge: 100%


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